Panels Led by Bart and Krista Kemper

“So you want to play with steam?”

“Airships and Submarines: The Science Behind the genre”

Krista Kemper is a long-time costumer as well as the president/owner of Kemper Engineering Services. Bart Kemper is a writer and lead engineer and works with pressure vessels, boilers, and piping as well as in the marine, subsea, aerospace, biomedical, and forensic fields. Both are long-time fans and convention goers as well as being professional inventors and innovators and will share some “do’s and not-to-do’s” when it comes to working with steam, either faked or real, as well as other aspects of “dash punk” genres.

C. V. Walter

Panels Led by C.V. Walter

“Romancing the Monsters”

Whether haunting or tantalizing, some monstrosities throughout the ages have added more than a little spice to the narratives we tell. This panel Talks about why some monsters have changed over the years to capture more than just our attention.

“Beyond Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman”

Thinking outside the big three monsters – where other monsters can be found and how they can be used in the future.

“Medicine Through the Ages”

Nowhere is the constant march of science more apparent to the public than in medicine. Come to reminisce about the medical techniques and theories of yesteryear, and leave appreciating medical science of today.

C.V. Walter is a cross genre author from Denver, CO writing primarily Sci-Fi Romance and Adventure. Over the years she has published short stories and novels under various names, genres and languages. She enjoys frequenting writer’s conventions and hanging out with her kids.


Ken and Tamikai Frazier

Panels Led by Ken and Tamikai Frazier

The Sherlock Home: An Immersive Victorian/Steampunk “Stay & Play” Experience

Ken and Tamikai are lifelong fans of puzzles, games, mysteries, and cerebral challenging activities. They are both former artistic theatre directors as well as theatrical designers. They possess a great enthusiasm for creating entertaining experiences for friends and families with road races, scavenger hunts, Halloween hayrides, murder mysteries and the like. They have decided to combine their theatrical skills and passion for puzzles with their love for Victorian/Steampunk and Sherlock Holmes to bring their “House of Conundrums” to life.

Please Note: All guest appearances are confirmed but are subject to cancellation due to professional obligations and opportunities beyond our control.
Jonna Hayden

Panels Led by Jonna Hayden

“String Theory: Building a Fantasy World with Believable Clothing”
String—clothing is made from string, whether the source is flora or fauna (or bugs!). Adding depth and consistency to your world as a writer means paying attention to how clothing production fits in your culture. You can’t have gold lamé dresses if you don’t have mining, mountains, and metal smiths! Join Jonna Hayden as she takes you on a 40-thousand-year journey through the beginnings of Dress and how it manifests in our real and created worlds.

“Learning to See: Can you really make that?”
Join us for a discussion on how to assess book covers, anime, paintings, and digital art to see if it’s something that can be realized as a costume in the real world, or will only lead to pain and frustration.

“So, You Want to Make a Major Cosplay/Historical Costume!”
What it takes to plan out a complex costume: The initial idea, the analysis, the patterning, the mockup, etc. All the things that should be thought through and how to schedule it out so you’re not gluing things on at the hotel at midnight Friday.

“Why doesn’t this FIT??!”
Bring or wear something you’re frustrated with and have professional costumer Jonna Hayden analyze and help you find the issues and how to correct them. It’s not YOU, it’s the CLOTHING! To participate in this panel, sign-up at the registration table.

Jonna Hayden has been a costumer since she was four, sewing clothing for her trolls. Her professional career began at Orycon (mumble) years ago, leading to a 30+ year obsession for Costume Design and construction. Her professional design work includes over 200 shows for Opera, Ballet, Theater, and anyone who will pay her. She regularly attends SF conventions and presents on a variety of topics, from clothing history to development of character through dress

Kelly Grayson

Panels Led by Kelly Grayson:

“Steam and Gunpowder and Sharp Edges: What Makes a Weapon Steampunk?”

Whether it’s a sword cane, a Derringer, a retro-futurisc ray gun, an ornate revolver or the steam cannon you use to defend your lighter-than-air warship, steampunk weapons are, to borrow a phrase from Star Wars, “elegant weapons for a more civilized age.” Join our panelists as we discuss what makes a weapon steampunk, and what exisng weapons $t well into the Steampunk universe.

Cannon Trawets

Panels Led by Cannon Trawets

Steampunk 101 – The history of steampunk in Louisiana

We will discuss how steampunk got its start in Louisiana, the groups that formed when steampunk first came to Louisiana and how they brought steampunk into the communities.

Mead Making – The Basics

We will discuss how to get started in making basic mead and wine, the simple way. Then delve into improving the basics by adding flavors.

Leather Working Basics – So, you want to start leather crafting?

How to begin leather crafting, the tools and materials you will need to make you first project. A general discussion on the cost to get started and where to find information to teach you the skills needed.

Airship 67 was formed in 2013. Cannon Trawets, the Captain of Airship 67, has always been interested in the old art forms that are slowly being lost to time. He was introduced to leather by Airship Isabella. As a way to finance the continuation of attending events with his family, he taught himself how to build items from leather and other materials, which led to starting a business and traveling the country to share his knowledge with others. He has been involved with the planning of several events and the organization of setting a world record for the most Steampunks in one location. His family is heavily involved with the operation of the Airship. Several of the members of his group have won various awards for costumes and props, and they have made props for a couple of movies. His current obsession in maintaining and using antique Singer sewing machines for his leatherwork. Airship 67 is well known in Louisiana since they got their start here and helped organize the community.

Kelly Grayson

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