Special Guests

Film Guest: Scoffer Studios

Joining us for the Louisiana’s inaugural World Steampunk Exposition is the team behind the steampunk-themed Dagon Troll World Chronicles (with Tim Curry) and the zombie-themed Blood Brothers Life Harvest.

Diana Sellers: Diane Sellers is executive producer and co-director, creator, and co-owner of all Scoffer Studios Projects. She is also the casting director for all the projects and films. She is an artist, and also a writer. She is an avid leader and spokesperson for female empowerment for women in film and in all areas of production.

Brittany Sellers: Brittany Sellers is a 25 year old film director, writer, animator, and owner of Scoffer Studios Productions llc. She loves horror movies, Steampunk and cyberpunk fantasy, and anything scary. She is proud of her two projects currently in production, Dagon Troll World Chronicles and Blood Brothers Life Harvest.

Scoffer Studios is a female-owned and run grassroots film studio that creates horror films. Scoffer Studios Productions is an all-woman created, directed, produced, designed, and owned animation and live action studio. Scoffer Studios loves what they are doing, love their actors, and especially love all of their fans! They are especially proud of their steampunk horror fantasy film Dagon Troll World Chronicles which stars Tim Curry and Doug Bradley among other great stars.

Scoffer Studios is owned by Brit Sellers and Diana Sellers/Firefly. We co-write all of our projects and work on them together, along with an incredible team of talented actors, artists, musicians, and creative geniuses, many of which are members of LGBTQ or indiginous groups, we are also very excited about the Siberian group OLOX that has written nearly all the music for our animated film Dagon Troll World Chronicles. OLOX is owned by female Indiginous artist Snow Raven.

Music Guest: New Orleans SteamCog Orchestra

The New Orleans SteamCog Orchestra will be headlining the Saturday March 11 2023 Cabaret and Ball at Louisiana’s First Annual World Steampunk Exposition at Home2 Suites in Parc Lafayette – Lafayette, LA.

The New Orleans SteamcogOrchestra is quite an entertaining spectacle, furnishing the sophisticated and yet strangely modern sounds of turn-of-the-century ingenuity! Based in New Orleans and fronted by ‘thousandaire’ inventor and philanthropist Prof. Milo Reginald Pinkerton, this band of adventurers was culled from far flung city and countryside alike across the Earth to unite in furthering Prof. Pinkerton’s singular steam-powered vision: the excitement of audience ears, minds and feet. The group has vowed not to rest, until the entire world is dancing madly to their syncopated rhythms and humming their memorable melodies.

Gaming Guest: Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart has been part of the Role Playing Game industry for the past twenty years. His Steampunk Superhero RPG Victorious was the winner of the Three Castles RPG Design Award, in print through Troll Lord Games. Mike was also involved in the development of TLG’s Castles & Crusades RPG and books. He is also a podcaster, on both the C&C-based Crusader podcast as well as the Save For Half Old School Gaming Podcast.

Cosplay Guest: Lady Luna Loveless

Lady Luna Loveless is an award-winning cosplayer, published model, wig stylist and owner of Cajun Moon Creations based out of Louisiana. It all started with a local steampunk festival and some cat ears. A bustle skirt and a corset. A nerf gun, a few gears, a pair of goggles later and Lady Luna Loveless was created! When she’s not gaming, reading comics or watching anime you can catch Luna spending her free time making cosplay for herself and her family or nerdy items for the shop. She also takes wig commissions to help other talented cosplayers realize their cosplay dreams. Every day she continues to try to grow her craft in this ever-changing world.



Shakshuka is an Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance troupe that has performed for 5 of the Lafayette Steampunk Festivals and Makers Fairs. They have been mechanical dolls, circus performers, monster hunters, mad scientists and a host of other steam powered characters.  They are a cooky band of high energy gals that love to dance at the drop of a gear. Come peek behind the curtain to see what they will do next at the opening show and Masquerade Ball.

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