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About the Writers’ Block

Louisiana’s Steampunk Exposition is fortunate to have a number of Genre author’s grace the first year of our event. Ranging from children’s literature to adult romance novels, our block of writers or “Writers’ Block” has something from everyone. Our writing guests will be available at their tables to meet their fans, sign books, and answer questions. The Writers’ Block is the first block of the Exposition as you enter the main event space. Stop by to free your imagination!

Kelly Grayson

Kelly Grayson is a highly-regarded crical care paramedic with a national reputation, award-winning EMS columnist, author and popular public speaker.

When he isn’t prowling the seamy underbelly of the city looking for li’le old ladies who have fallen and can’t get up, Kelly fancies himself a Science Fiction novelist who brings warmth, humanity, occasional profanity and an abiding sense of whimsy to his writing.

One day he hopes to be a retired paramedic and a full-me novelist who spends his hard-earned royalty checks on brown liquor, guns, and a woman who tolerates his shenanigans with a minimum of eye-rolling.

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart has been part of the Role Playing Game industry for the past twenty years. His Steampunk Superhero RPG Victorious was the winner of the Three Castles RPG Design Award, in print through Troll Lord Games. Mike was also involved in the development of TLG’s Castles & Crusades RPG and books. He is also a podcaster, on both the C&C-based Crusader podcast as well as the Save For Half Old School Gaming Podcast.

More to Come!

Please Note: All guest appearances are confirmed but are subject to cancellation due to professional obligations and opportunities beyond our control.
C. V. Walters

C.V. Walter is a cross genre author from Denver, CO writing primarily Sci-Fi Romance and Adventure. Over the years she has published short stories and novels under various names, genres and languages. She enjoys frequenting writer’s conventions and hanging out with her kids.

Loretta Smith

Loretta Smith was born and raised all over the Northwest, Lorretta makes her home in Darby, Mon- tana where she lives with her two pugs, Lollah Loo and Corona Cerveza, and her Maine Coon Cat, Clyde. They live in the tiny house she built herself on the banks of the Bitterroot River. When she isn’t writing, Lori enjoys camping, hiking, rafting and kayaking.

Lorretta is divorced with one child, twenty-one year old son, Cory, who is the love of her life, partner in adventures and comic relief. Lori can’t wait to take her new grandson on many outdoor adventures.

She earned a Bachelors degree from Eastern New Mexico University in Psy- chology and Sociology. Prior to her writing career, Lorretta worked as a social worker.

Loretta has self published 4 children’s books and 4 books for adults, 3 in a magic realism series and 1 steampunk novel. She will take part in a panel discussion on self publishing.

Diana and Brittany Sellers

Diana Sellers: Diane Sellers is executive producer and co-director, creator, and co-owner of all Scoffer Studios Projects. She is also the casting director for all the projects and films. She is an artist, and also a writer. She is an avid leader and spokesperson for female empowerment for women in film and in all areas of production.

Brittany Sellers: Brittany Sellers is a 25 year old film director, writer, animator, and owner of Scoffer Studios Productions llc. She loves horror movies, Steampunk and cyberpunk fantasy, and anything scary. She is proud of her two projects currently in production, Dagon Troll World Chronicles and Blood Brothers Life Harvest.

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