Steampunk is celebrating 19th century science fiction fun in the modern world. STEAMPUNKERS are diverse innovators – at the convention many come and make and showcase their own music, stories, art, costumes and creative 19th century paraphernalia in an alternate reality where steam power remains king and where the internal combustion engine never existed.

About Us

So, what is this World Steampunk Exposition and Makers Fair, you ask? We like to think of it as a trade show and celebration for the inventive and creative with a love for all things Victorian and Science Fiction thrown in for good measure. The World Steampunk Exposition and Makers Fair is patterned off the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair or the 1884 World Cotten Exposition that was held in New Orleans. At these events, nation’s from around the world exhibited in their own showcases or pavilions. Each year the World Steampunk Exposition will be uniquely themed as a representation of a showcase that is set in a steampunk alternate Universe.


Making things has been around a long time but the Makers Movement is modern. MAKERS are diverse innovators – many come and make and showcase their own work, designs, inventions. By definition, then, most in the steampunk community are also makers.

Latest News

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