2023 Merchants

Rayjen’s Custom Creations

Rayjen’s Custom Creations produces custom-made Tumblers, Freshies, car coasters and Loaded Tea Koozie.  They can customize their product line to any theme/event and will also do live custom tumblers on site.

Ruminated EDC

Ruminated EDC is a brand of bespoke, hand crafted, everyday carry gear and treasure designed to invoke emotion. We believe that the tools we use every day should not only help with the daily tasks they were built for, but also inspire and comfort us, help us focus or remind us of an important lesson. Everyday carry items should not be disposable. Tools made with intention will inherit the spirit of their owners and deserve to be passed on to future generations.

Loveday Funck Art

Loveday Funck Art creates surreal, fairy tale-themed artwork that often possesses an otherworldly or fantastical aspect. Many of her pieces feature Victorian garb and Victorian imagery.

Snake and Monkey Studios

Snake and Monkey Studios creates Jewelry and wall art made from vintage watch parts and mechanical products. All watches used in jewelry and art range from 40-100 years old.

KADT Designs

KADT Designs produces Steampunk style necklaces and earings.

Bug and Mowl

Bug and Mowl features Steampunk accesories including shirts, hats, cuffs, watches, cosplay guns, and jewelry.

MudCat Whiskers

MudCat Whiskers is the purveyor of Handcrafted men’s grooming products with an Old Time Cajun Flair made for the discerning gentleman.

Sirkles Studio

Sirkles Studio turns words into artwork using a complex, circular alphabet. The resulting artwork has a clockwork vibe that fits well in the steampunk genera. These include ‘sirkles art cards’ which are a vintage and weathered looking piece of quality card stock that include an image of the design on the front and the key to reading it on the back.

kyla’s Keepsakes

Kyla’s Keepsakes is the creator of lady’s finery including, bustles, corsets,  watches, jewelry, fascinators, clothing, embroidered items, leather hats, and accessories.

Indigo Moon Mystic Seer

Indigo Moon Mystic Seer is a second generation clairvoyant and psychic with a focus on truth and solutions. For 20 years she has been building her professional practice starting in California and landing in Alabama for the past 10 years.  The tools of her trade are palm, tarot and personal energy used to connect with spirit guides and angels to seek a positive outcome.

Corset Punk & Kilts

Corset Punk & Kilts sells authentic steel bone corsets for every genre, utility kilts and related accessories.

Van Gossen Distributors LLC

Van Gossen Distributors produces flexible wooden embellishment along with art supplies and finished products, that include home, décor, or furniture.

Dragonfly Studios

Dragonfly Studios sells Magic wands,”Potion Ingredient” charms,tiny cauldrons, Bonzai mythical beasts/fairy villages/origami in Belljars, milk jars, ornaments, and teapots, faux leather journal, laser cut boxes, puzzles and ornaments, Writing quills, glass pens, a scribe bags, Pixie Poof/Sleepy Gnome shoulder pets, keychain “Familiars”, Game Gaurdian dice accessory miniature sculptures, “Co’atl” and “Fennic fly” wearable Art Dolls, Game accessories, themed plushies

Cashmere & Cogs

Cashmere & Cogs is the purveyor of steampunk and steampunk-inspired clothing, top hats, accessories, jewelry, goggles, corsets, décor, art, writing sets and journals, as well as books and movies

Cajun Moon Creations

Cajun Moon Creations is a charming shop that offers a unique selection of handmade crafts, jewelry, and gifts. Nestled in the heart of Louisiana, this little gem is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. We offer a range of eclectic items, from intricately designed necklaces to customized Steampunk props that will make you stand out at any cosplay event. Our nerdy items are perfect for gamers and comic book lovers that want to show off their love for their favorite characters. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one or something unique to add to your own collection, Cajun Moon Creations is the perfect destination.

Moon Glory Gears

Moon Glory Gears makes functional art using antique watch and clock parts, natural stones and crystals. We use Compasses and Clocks as our functional base to customize our artwork onto.

Airship 67

Airship 67 is a group of artists that come together to create unique items out of leather, fabric, jewelry, and more. They also accept custom orders