New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra to Headline Cabaret and Ball

It is our pleasure to announce that the New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra will be headlining the Saturday March 11 2023 Cabaret and Ball at Louisiana’s First Annual World Steampunk Exposition.

The New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra is quite an entertaining spectacle, furnishing the sophisticated and yet strangely modern sounds of turn-of-the-century ingenuity! Based in New Orleans and fronted by ‘thousandaire’ inventor and philanthropist Prof. Milo Reginald Pinkerton, this band of adventurers was culled from far flung city and countryside alike across the Earth to unite in furthering Prof. Pinkerton’s singular steam-powered vision: the excitement of audience ears, minds and feet. The group has vowed not to rest, until the entire world is dancing madly to their syncopated rhythms and humming their memorable melodies.

New Orleans SteamCog Orchestra
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