Special Guests: Scoffer Studios

Dagon Troll World Chronicles

Joining us for the Louisiana’s inaugural World Steampunk Exposition is the team behind the steampunk-themed Dagon Troll World Chronicles (with Tim Curry) and the zombie-themed Blood Brothers Life Harvest.

Diana Sellers: Diane Sellers is executive producer and co-director, creator, and co-owner of all Scoffer Studios Projects. She is also the casting director for all the projects and films. She is an artist, and also a writer. She is an avid leader and spokesperson for female empowerment for women in film and in all areas of production. 

Brittany Sellers: Brittany Sellers is a 25 year old film director, writer, animator, and owner of Scoffer Studios Productions llc. She loves horror movies, Steampunk and cyberpunk fantasy, and anything scary. She is proud of her two projects currently in production, Dagon Troll World Chronicles and Blood Brothers Life Harvest. 

Brittany and Diana Sellers

Scoffer Studios is a female-owned and run grassroots film studio that creates horror films. Scoffer Studios Productions is an all-woman created, directed, produced, designed, and owned animation and live action studio. Scoffer Studios loves what they are doing, love their actors, and especially love all of their fans! They are especially proud of their steampunk horror fantasy film Dagon Troll World Chronicles which stars Tim Curry and Doug Bradley among other great stars.